About Us

DMV Pride is a local clothing and apparel company located in Silver Spring, MD. We offer a constantly changing line of apparel to keep fans of DMV Pride coming back for more. Being a local company allows us to have a pulse on the ever changing and evolving styles created by The DMV. From our line of T-Shirts to our Car Decals and to all of our future products, you can expect the culture of The DMV to come shining through.

DMV, the concept, was created while sitting in legendary DC traffic one evening. The idea gave roots to a creative concept that has continued to grow. DMV is a symbol that captures the soul, and the diversity, of DC, Maryland and Virginia. The colors of each flag represent a different idea, a different culture, that combine to personify the heart of this trifecta. Living, working and playing in the DMV requires a special type of person, so let your personal style, and pride, show with the official shirt of the DMV, all while knowing that we will provide you with quality products and exceptional customer service.



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